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Taking electric mobility to new levels

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Welcome to our videoShop - Agenda Science and Technology


Inspire your audience. Use the best and easiest way to get your program. Browse our videoshop for the latest movies of recent scientific issues to enrich your TV show.

Now it’s that simple:

  • explore the following pages

  • look at our new productions

  • watch the previews and read the summaries

  • ask for price by clicking the button

  • you will receive an offer by mail

  • if you accept we will send you an access code to our broadcast server and an English voiceover script

  • on our server you can find the movies in a high resolution broadcast format

  • just download the file and broadcast

All reports include music and effects (international track), you just have to make a voice-over recording in your preferred language.

You can put the movies directly into your program or edit them - as you need it. Our latest movies are HD formatted. The older ones are still in the traditional definition TV standard.

If you have problems with the format, please contact us via email. We’ll make sure that you get the stories in another format.

Faster, easier and cheaper – there is no other way to come to the latest television contributions in the fields of science and technology.

A kind request: Please give us feedback and propose topics for future posts - preferably by mail. We’ll consider them in our future productions.